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Instantly know what's on your menu. From costse to calories with WISK and MenuCalc.

Accelerate your work and unlock potential with powerful tools like inventory, recipe & cost management, invoice scanning, purchasing and more.
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Bring value to your restaurant

Inventory done 5x faster

WISK makes inventory as simple as scanning a barcode using your phone’s camera.  With WISK's database of 170,000 bottles, inventory is as easy as scan, confirm, done.
Image of cellphone with WISK bar inventory app that integrates with POS systems
" It took us about six or seven hours to do inventory before, and we’ve now got it down to an hour and 20 minutes."

Control your COGS & your cashflow

Save time and always remain profitable by automating your recipe costs with WISK.

If your COGs in any of your locations recipes go over the preset limit, WISK provides cost alerts so you can always be profitable.
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" The ordering feature, based on WISK Pars, allowed us to better forecast sales, identify overstock, adjust to changes in sales trends and maintain better cash flow control. "

Turn invoices into prices with AI

You shouldn't be doing work that a computer can do for you. Instead of spending hours on end extracting your costs from your invoices, updating each of your recipes, and sending bills to your accounting software, WISK does it all for you in minutes. All you have to do is snap a photo.
invoice scanning iphone
" WISK is a very comprehensive inventory management system with highly customizable reporting options and is easy to learn. The provided help documentation is very thorough, and their customer service representatives are extremely helpful, friendly, and prompt to reply to questions."

— Tamara from The Black Dog Freehouse

Reports automatically done for you

Manage your restaurant based on facts, not opinions. WISK delivers business intelligence based on your operations and point-of-sale data.

Over 6 distinct sorts of reports are available to help you manage your restaurant, including inventory, variance, and overstock reports.
weekly invoices dashboard inventory
WISK is the pulse of our business. It’s how we start our week—I have my reports ready and this way I know where consumption is going and where to start digging deeper.

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