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Integrate with TouchBistro to calculate your food costs, create profitable menus, and see your daily inventory based on your sales data. WISK lets you take inventory in minutes, place automated orders based on consumption and reduce food waste.
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30% of your revenue is spent on food. WISK makes managing food operations easier.

If you're looking to keep your inventory under control, WISK guarantees you're not over-ordering don't need and making sure you're not running out of the essentials. On average, WISK reduces weekly purchase orders by 31%, while sales volume remains constant. This leads to improved cashflow and reduced spoilage as well as less unnecessary overstock.

You don't want to pay for food you're throwing away.

The reality is that if you are managing your restaurant, you’re in it for the long haul. It means a lot of unglamorous work and time spent on inventory, keeping track of food waste and running after invoices.

It's easy to get in the food industry, but difficult to stay there—especially when your staff hates taking inventory! And with a bad inventory management system, it gets even worse. That's why WISK helps you manage your restaurant better. And it all starts by integrating TouchBistro with WISK.

How you can start making more profits with WISK

Snap a picture to import your invoices.

Restaurants place dozens of orders every week. It's hard to keep track of every order manually. With WISK lets you import invoices by taking pictures of your invoices. You don't have to enter any data manually, which saves time and reduces errors!

80% faster and more accurate inventories

So you did your previous inventory with a spreadsheet? No problem.

You can import it in WISK and start taking inventory in seconds. WISK simplifies the process by having the previous inventory as a reference, allowing you to take your inventory offline, scanning barcodes, integrating with a bluetooth scale, and having multiple staff working together.

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Stop losing money on over-ordering.

The reliability of your restaurant depends on how much food and which produce you have.

With WISK, you’ll always know exactly how much to order so that you never run out! This way, your kitchen can prepare the freshest dishes for every customer without worrying about running out. It even integrates with your preferred supplier so that you can save time ordering supplies and keeping track of prices in one convenient app!

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Finally, analytics and reports that don't require a math degree.

Time to get serious. WISK has over 6 different reports so you can finally get the data you need on your food waste. We make it easy to see where losses occur in your business and how to fix them.

WISK makes being data-driven and customer obsessed a reality.

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WISK alerts you when you need to take action.

Sorting through data and keeping an eye for price changes takes a lot of time. WISK notifies your team when important events happen so you can always remain profitable and take corrective measures when necessary.

This is why hospitality professionals love WISK

WISK is the pulse of our business. It’s how we start our week—I have my reports ready and this way I know where consumption is going and where to start digging deeper.

It took us about six or seven hours to do inventory before, and we’ve now got it down to an hour and 20 minutes.

WISK has saved us countless hours in weekly inventories. The ordering feature, based on WISK Pars, allowed us to better forecast sales, identify overstock, adjust to changes in sales trends and maintain better cash flow control.

WISK is fantastic. My inventory time went from 3 hours down to forty minutes. Great customer service too. I would highly recommend to any bar or restaurant.

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There's no back and forth with an account manager, forced annual commitments, or scheduling a training call.

The most complicated venues can start their inventory on their own with WISK in minutes. We are talking about venues that have over 1 million dollars in wine, venues that have 800 SKUs of food inventory, venues that have 8 people doing inventory simultaneously, and more.

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