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October 6, 2023

Streamline your inventory process with WISK's free bar inventory spreadsheet

Maximize your restaurant's profits with our free bar inventory spreadsheet. Keep track of your stock levels and reduce waste. Download now!
Streamline your inventory process with WISK's free bar inventory spreadsheet
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Ultimate Bar Inventory Template™

Are you a restaurant or bar owner that wants to get your inventory under control? With our Bar Inventory Sheet, it's as easy as writing everything down.

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Do you ever find that your bar is running low on certain spirits? It's hard to keep track of what you have when it all blends together. That's why we created our free Bar Inventory spreadsheet!

WISK's Free Bar Inventory checklist template allows for quick and easy tracking of what bottles are available, so your bar manager can always know which ingredients they need to order.

Bar Inventory templates also helps with inventory management because it will show you how much each drink costs, so there won't be any surprises at the end of the night.

Benefits of Using our Free Bar Inventory Spreadsheet Template

It is good to keep track of your bar inventory because it will give you a clear idea of what alcohol you have left. Alcohol inventory templates are also good for your bartenders, they will know what ingredients to order and how much each drink costs (and the liquor unit price) which helps with everything related to price. It is also helpful in terms of logistics because it will help you know how much you need to order if the items run out.

Our Bar Inventory spreadsheet is great for organizing and tracking your supplies, allowing you to know exactly what ingredients are left. Our inventory template gives you the ability to see what you have in stock, so that when it comes time to order more supplies, your staff is ever caught off guard.

What can you record with a bar inventory template?

Our Bar Inventory spreadsheet includes everything from bottle sizes and costs per bottle, liquor inventory sheets are also useful for sharing with bartenders since they will know exactly how much of each ingredient there is left.

This Bar Inventory Spreadsheet will allow you to organize your bar inventory into categories such as: Bottled Beers, Canned Beers, Wine & Champagne, Liquors and more.

How to use WISK's free alcohol inventory template

Using our free alcohol inventory template will help your business keep your costs up to date. Even if you have a food business and have a small portion of bar inventory.

The liquor inventory process is easy. All you have to do is to write down:

  • The name of your item
  • The type of liquor it is (beer, gin, vodka..)
  • The bottle size (you probably have multiple variations: 750 ml, 1L, ect.)
  • The quantity
  • And the latest costs (unit price) that you got from your invoices.

Why did we create this inventory spreadsheet?

We created this free template to make your inventory process easier. And if you want to make your inventory process even quicker, i'll shamelessly plug-in our bar management system, and we have a 7-day free trial. It's as easy as scanning your invoices and your bottles and WISK will do all the work for you.

If not, you can always use our free inventory template for bars by using your favourite spreadsheet software like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

Where a liquor inventory template falls short

It's hard to manage your liquor inventory data since every spreadsheet lives in a silo. Bar Inventory spreadsheets are usually created for one specific type of Bar (e.g.: wine bar, cocktail lounge). So if you want to know the total inventory value or cost per bottle, it can be hard to get this data without some workarounds.

Getting the right information on draft beer is also hard. An inventory spreadsheet can only contain so much data. Especially with opaque containers, it's really hard to calculate the density unless your bar manager is secretly a inventory spreadsheet/math expert!

Tracking your inventory costs is also hard. Converting your inventory count from a spreadsheet to your company profit and loss statement will take a long time as well.

Even with the best template your company might have, unless it's hosted online, not all your members might have access, and they might need to download the inventory template each time.

It's also difficult to search for changes in inventory throughout time periods while looking for variance.

Can I use this spreadsheet to count my wine inventory?

I'd only recommend it if you have to count full bottles. Otherwise, it would be easier to count your wine inventory with WISK's bar inventory system.

It's more accurate than using our inventory spreadsheet since you don't need to calculate everything manually each time your costs per bottle.

They update automatically.

And with template, it's very hard to calculate your inventory when the bottles are opaque.

Download our Free Bar Inventory Spreadsheet:  and save time with our free Bar Inventory Template

We will help you accurately track your bottled beer (and the rest of your inventory) with our free template.

How do I increase my bar profits?

It's pretty easy if you don't do inventory – or you're looking to start you can read our inventory guides. Increasing your business profits starts with proper inventory control.

Even with an inventory template you're only scratching the surface. Tracking bar inventory requires a lot of attention to detail, and you can't expect spreadsheets to do everything for you.

You can download our inventory template here! Just fill out this quick form. It's as easy as that.

More templates & free spreadsheets!

We also create different types of templates to download like a liquor purchase order template. You can go on our resources page and click the templates button to see more of them.

So what comes next?

If you fill out our inventory template a few times, you can create your variance reports for your business. You can also start calculating your beverage costs with our cost template that will be out shortly.

If you're interested just fill out this form and we will keep you updated.

Side note on beverage costs.

An ideal beverage costs ranges from 20% to 30%.

Let's assume you've set a beverage cost goal of 25%. Assume that, after your inventory count, your actual beverage cost is 30%.

If your theoretical beverage cost is 29.5%, then your variance is only 0.5%.

If you're missing your targets, it's not the end of the world if your variance is less than one percent. You should search for shrinkage if your variation is high, at least above 5%.

If all of your expenses are under control, a well-administered bar program may expect to generate 30% to 40% profit on spirits, after costs and expenditures have been subtracted.

Bar inventory spreadsheets are great, but for everything else there's WISK.

Bar inventory spreadsheets cannot account for all of the nuances in calculating your bar's profitability, nor can they provide accurate information about draft beer or wine bottles that are not full.

For these reasons, it is important to consider different software solutions for tracking and managing your liquor inventory data - especially if you're looking to grow your business!

See your ROI thrive with the utilization of our free bar inventory spreadsheet. This valuable tool simplifies your inventory management, leading to more efficient operations, reduced costs, and ultimately, higher profitability.

If this blog post has given you some food for thought, WISK offers a 7-day free trial so you can take inventory 5x quickly.  We hope this article was helpful in guiding you towards better understanding how to manage your inventory.


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