WISK restaurant management software

Turn invoices into costs, manage inventory, and see your actual profits with just a few clicks. That means less paperwork and more time spent doing what you love.
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The only restaurant management system that gives control over your costs without paperwork.

Create and save recipes in minutes.

When you add ingredients to batches, the costs are always updated. If you ever need to update an ingredient or cost, it will automatically push the update to every recipe that uses the batch. WISK also lets you create a recipe book in a click to keep your kitchen staff updated with the changes.

Your time is valuable,
WISK helps you take it back.

With WISK, your recipes are always up-to-date and linked to your invoices, so you always have the most recent information about your costs. Plus, our team can enter your recipes for you so you never have to worry about spending weeks entering data.

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" If you want to know your business, if you want to know where your money's going and how to make improvements and profitability, WISK will definitely help you and share information that you might not have known before. "
James Harrington, Director Of Procurement, IconInk

Never worry about high food costs.

By scanning invoices, all your costs are updated in real-time so you always know where you stand financially. You'll also get alerts if your updated cost exceed your pre-set limits.

Prevent bad inventories from impacting your COGS.

Take inventory 5x quicker, without any of the guesswork. This means that you'll always have accurate data about your sales, consumption, COGS, and expenses. With this data, you'll be able to run your restaurant more efficiently than ever before.

"Consistency would probably be our number one problem before WISK. We used a variety of different products,..., all the typical things that restaurants go through and we really needed something that was going to be super user-friendly. "
Susan MacLeod, HR & Operations Manager, OttawaVenues

The easiest way to control your bar's costs

WISK runs on the device you're using right now.
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