Take the guesswork out of bar management

Managing a bar is hard, WISK makes it easy in 4 simple steps. Connect your POS, scan your bottles, weigh them and confirm. WISK creates inventory reports and calculates variance, consumption, and deadstock for you.
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How WISK helps bars win.

Get the precise data you can rely on without any setup.

Simply pick up your phone and with our database of 200K bottles, scan the barcode of your bottles and weigh them on a bluetooth scale. WISK will automatically calculate what’s left in the bottle. All that’s left is to hit confirm to track inventory down to the ounce.

Stop guessing where losses happen

Connect WISK with one of our 60+ POS integrations. WISK uploads your sales data and compares consumption to sales instantly. See exactly where your losses are and improve your profits without guesswork!

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" If you want to know your business, if you want to know where your money's going and how to make improvements and profitability, WISK will definitely help you and share information that you might not have known before. "
James Harrington, Director Of Procurement, IconInk

Be profitable at all times, not only when you designed the menu

Keep your recipes updated in real-time. Even if it takes a month to implement new products, you can see the percentages across all time periods and adjust pricing to always be profitable.

Transform invoices into costs

Save hours of work every week and keep recipe costs up to date by scanning invoices. WISK automatically compares prices and updates your recipes in real time.

"Consistency would probably be our number one problem before WISK. We used a variety of different products,..., all the typical things that restaurants go through and we really needed something that was going to be super user-friendly. "
Susan MacLeod, HR & Operations Manager, OttawaVenues
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The easiest way to control your bar's costs

WISK runs on the device you're using right now.
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