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WISK VS. Marketman

When it comes to precision in inventory management and data entry, there's only one choice that stands above the rest.

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we want to express our admiration and respect for the team at Marketman. They have developed a robust product for the hospitality industry, particularly excelling in back-of-house analytics. If you're here comparing WISK vs. Marketman or seeking Marketman alternatives, you're already taking the right steps to find the perfect solution for your business. Sure there are features and product stuff that’s different between the two companies (which we get into further down this page if you’re interested).


While both companies serve the hospitality industry, the key difference lies in our backgrounds, approach to tackling challenges, and commitment to offering a comprehensive, user-friendly, and feature-packed solution. WISK was created with a focus on front-of-house operations, specifically inventory management, and aims to alleviate the time-consuming and tedious process of taking inventory. As a result, WISK boasts the fastest and most accurate inventory solution on the market.

WISK's founding team possesses extensive experience in front-of-house and liquor inventory management. They recognized that existing solutions were clunky, repetitive, and didn't cater to the needs of staff members who often needed quick onboarding due to the high turnover rate typically seen in the front-of-house areas of bars and restaurants.

On the other hand, Marketman's team initially focused on restaurant inventory, with food inventory being their core product and the first offering they launched on October 21, 2016. While Marketman has one of the most robust back-of-house analytics on the market, WISK's expertise in front-of-house operations sets it apart by providing tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of the hospitality industry.

In short, if you're seeking a platform tailored to your needs, designed to streamline inventory management, and help your business flourish – all while delivering an outstanding user experience – then you've come to the right place. We created WISK to be the premier solution for businesses like yours in the hospitality industry.


Need more convincing? We totally get it. So the rest of this page is for you. We sat down with a few of our top sales reps and our best customer success managers to help write this page and asked each of them:

“Hey if you had to put a page up on our website breaking down the top reasons why people pick WISK vs. Marketman, what would you say?"

They gave us a handful of clear answers that should help you.

The TOP Reasons Why Restaurants & Bars Use

WISK VS. Marketman

Deep Two-Way Integrations for Seamless Operations

WISK offers seamless integrations with over 60 major software platforms, allowing you to manage every aspect of your business efficiently. Our deep two-way integrations with POS systems, accounting software, and suppliers provide a smooth and reliable experience.

Stay Ahead with Weekly Updates

At WISK, we push weekly updates to our app, ensuring that our platform stays current and adaptable to your evolving needs. We listen to your feedback and work diligently to implement improvements, big or small, to enhance your experience with our software.

White-Glove Onboarding and Unmatched Support

We understand that setting up any inventory and cost control system can be time-consuming and demanding. That's why we offer a white-glove support premium service for onboarding. Our dedicated team will help input your item database by scanning all your invoices and even input your recipes for you. From day one, we are committed to helping you get started, and we are always ready to assist you.

Best-in-Class Support

Our top-notch support team is here to ensure your success with WISK. We are quick to respond to urgent requests and provide efficient solutions to any system-breaking glitches. Our support for critical issues is resolved within 3 hours, and most questions are answered within 5 minutes.

Training that Empowers Your Staff

We recognize the importance of training for the successful implementation of our platform. To ensure a smooth transition, we provide hours of training for your staff, guiding them through our user-friendly interface and teaching them how to use WISK effectively and efficiently.

User Experience That Matters

Our users emphasize our user-friendly interface and how our app actually helps with the counting process. While Marketman offers great backend analytics and reporting, using their system can be challenging. WISK's intuitive design and easy-to-use interface make it a popular choice for businesses in the hospitality industry.

Accurate Invoice Management Without Duplicate Headaches

Invoice management is a critical aspect of maintaining an organized and efficient inventory system. While MarketMan relies on OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for invoice processing, this approach can leave room for errors and create duplicate items that can cause chaos on the back-end.

WISK, on the other hand, employs a combination of advanced technology and human oversight to ensure the highest level of accuracy in invoice management. Our team of experts reviews and verifies each invoice to eliminate errors, merge duplicate items, and maintain a clean and organized database. By addressing variations in product price points and supplier discrepancies, we help streamline your inventory management process.

Proven Success with Real-World Clients

Both Ottawa Venues and ICONINK found WISK to be a game-changer for their businesses. WISK's user-friendly interface, real-time access to inventory and cost information, and seamless integration with suppliers have made it an essential tool for managing their diverse establishments. Clients loved the increased transparency and accountability WISK provided, enabling managers to make better decisions based on up-to-date information. Furthermore, WISK's easy onboarding and training process have made it an attractive choice for businesses with high employee turnover rates, ensuring consistency and accuracy in inventory management.

In summary, WISK stands out from Marketman by offering a specialized platform for the hospitality industry with a user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and top-notch support. Our commitment to continuous improvement, seamless onboarding, and extensive staff training makes WISK the ideal choice for businesses looking to streamline their inventory management, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency. With our front-of-house focus and the fastest, most accurate inventory solution on the market, WISK is well-equipped to meet the unique challenges faced by businesses in the hospitality industry

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