WISK QSR management software for restaurants

Connect with your POS system, create recipes that are consistent and easy to manage, and get alerts when something is out of stock or your costs go up. WISK helps you take control of your profits and more.
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Understand your costs instantly.

Goodbye guesswork, hello profits

Take the guesswork out of recipe costing and menu management. Connect your POS and see what’s selling, at what price point, and how much profit each dish is making. This information will help you make better decisions about your menu so you can keep the dishes that are profitable and remove the ones that aren't.

Get accurate COGS without headaches

You'll never have to worry about miscalculating your COGS again. WISK QSR software has a database of 200K bottles and 1.2 million food ingredients, you can always find what you need. Simply scan your item, weigh them, and confirm.  It’s that easy.

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" If you want to know your business, if you want to know where your money's going and how to make improvements and profitability, WISK will definitely help you and share information that you might not have known before. "
James Harrington, Director Of Procurement, IconInk

Save your margins with real-time cost updates

WISK QSR software automatically enters your invoice data and match it to the right items and GL accounts. Plus, all your recipe costs will update automatically whenever there's a price change. So not only will you save time by not having to enter invoices into a software, but you'll also always be profitable.

Manage your costs by the day, not the quarter

Ingredients that go out of budget can quickly ruin your bottom line. With our cost alerts, you'll always know when your recipes are going over budget so you can make changes in real time. You'll never have to worry about losing money on a dish again.

"Consistency would probably be our number one problem before WISK. We used a variety of different products,..., all the typical things that restaurants go through and we really needed something that was going to be super user-friendly. "
Susan MacLeod, HR & Operations Manager, OttawaVenues

Stay on top of your costs.

WISK runs on the device you're using right now.
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