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How Did Cala Scottsdale Achieve Inventory Efficiency with WISK?

CALA Scottsdale

So when I started using WISK, it just made everything streamlined. Anything I need to know, I can just search up what's in my inventory for when I do my future orders, all that. It's all very streamlined and integrated. It works perfectly. - Alec

Some of our wins was cutting our inventory tremendously and also knowing what product we do and don't have on the shelf whether that was over ordering, under ordering, seeing where we fell on those levels. - Ariana Arzate

WISK has a really cool feature where you can actually put in all of your ingredients to make a cocktail and it'll give you a margin of what the cocktail should be priced at. Let's say you want to go over or you have a certain budget in mind, you can kind of spec out, hey, instead of using one ounce, you should be using 0.5. That makes it really easy and user friendly on front of house like bar backs and bartenders. When we are making large portions of cocktails, it'll kind of proportion everything out. - Ariana Arzate

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How Sid Patel's Brass Tap Locations Thrived with WISK's Inventory Management System

Sid Patel
Brass Tap

I think we are into almost three months now since we started WISK. And like I said, it's just getting better and better every week. And my managers are happy, I'm happy, and the reports that we are looking for, it's amazing.

There's so many different ways to look at the reports, and it's so quick, even if you make any mistakes, I mean, you can quickly go back into the back of the house, fix it immediately, and rerun the report, which is amazing. We are happy because it cut our inventory time more than half. That was the main reason my managers, like I said, can spend more time somewhere else. But it needs to be not all day into the inventory.

And also the organization that WISK has, if you look at it and the way you can see the reports, also, it's very robust. The usability of the software, it's so integrated in the detail. Like, even if you want to see one single item, that way you're actually losing money or not making enough money, or your cost of goods sold are higher.

You can literally see each and every item and see where your money is actually going. Also, another thing I like is you can also set up the cost of goods or your price that you purchase, and you can set an alert for that. So if it raises prices on you, you know that you can also adjust your prices accordingly into your selling price.

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How Browns Socialhouse Uses WISK's Inventory Solution

Chris Lawrie
Browns Socialhouse

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How ICONINK got insights about all their operations and took inventory 2x faster

James Harrington

The overall shrinkage, the over pouring, understanding where the product is going in store.

With WISK, we were able to dial that in so much tighter and keep people accountable. Also being able to customize the inventory system for each concept and still being able to honor those partnerships and have the right brands present at each venue, despite the different concepts and the different menus.

The relief that I felt once I was able to understand the simplicity of being able to onboard a new account, make introductions, get the training scheduled. Just the overall onboarding process that WISK has put together is second to none. It is absolutely painless and so easy to become a customer.

Being able to have the line of sight on the inventory on a daily basis at each restaurant and understand how they're pacing in the month, how to curb appropriately, if we're running into, over costs or over budget. That's one thing that we saw right away.

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How Ottawa Venues manages inventory, food costs, and reporting with WISK

Susan MacLeod
Ottawa Venues

" Inventory time is always a win for us on the management side, because it gives us obviously the information to know if our business or our sales are successful or not.

What’s great about WISK is that when the chefs or the managers would hand in their cost projections on new items and new products it might not have been real-time information. With WISK, it’s updated all the time.

So even if it does take us a month to implement new products, we can see the percentages at the time, across all the time periods. "

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