S2E13 - Exploring Tech Trends in Hospitality with Kristen Hawley, Founder of Expedite

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Show notes

In the latest Wisking It All Podcast episode, we're thrilled to showcase Kristen Hawley, the mastermind behind Expedite, a cutting-edge newsletter spotlighting the dynamic realm of restaurant technology and hospitality. Kristen unfolds her journey, unraveling the major tech trends revolutionizing the industry. From reservation apps to digital POS systems and the infusion of robotics in the likes of Chipotle and Sweet Green, we dissect the tech evolution transforming the dining landscape.

The discussion extends to the hurdles restaurants face today, from surging operational costs to the intricacies of inventory management. Kristen sheds light on how game-changers like Open Table and third-party delivery services are reshaping the restaurant scene while tackling real-world challenges like parking for delivery drivers.

In the finale, Kristen gives us a sneak peek into her vibrant engagement with the restaurant and hospitality community, teases her upcoming feature in Fast Company, and spills the beans on the flourishing journey of Expedite.news. This episode is your passport to a profound exploration of technological marvels molding the future of hospitality – a must-listen for those captivated by the fusion of technology and restaurant management.

Episode Transcript