S2E15 - Inside Captain AI's Delivery Tech with Ryan Perera

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Show notes

In this episode, Mr. Ryan Pereira, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Captain.ai, provides a comprehensive insight into the company's background and operations.

Captain.ai comprises a suite of applications and software tailored specifically for restaurants equipped with in-house delivery services. The platform empowers these establishments to enhance driver management and deliver real-time tracking capabilities to their customers. Mr. Pereira delves into the genesis of Captain.ai, narrating the company's evolution from a delivery-focused entity to a technology-driven enterprise. He addresses the challenges encountered during the acquisition of their initial clientele and elucidates the pain points experienced by restaurants in their delivery operations.

Mr. Pereira shares his visionary perspective on the future of artificial intelligence (AI) in logistics, outlining Captain.ai's strategic plans for expansion. The company aims to play a pivotal role in assisting a broader spectrum of restaurant chains in optimizing their operational processes. Throughout the conversation, Mr. Pereira elaborates on the hybrid delivery and intelligent kitchen system recently launched by Captain.ai. He provides insights into how this innovative system considers the driver's location and strategically optimizes order timing to ensure the freshness of delivered items.

Concluding the discussion, Mr. Pereira furnishes contact information for Captain.ai and imparts valuable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of persistence and resilience in the face of challenges.

Episode Transcript