S2E16 - Breaking Language Barriers in Hospitality: Rachael Nemeth's Opus Training Story

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Show notes

Rachael Nemeth, Opus Training's Co-Founder and CEO, shares the company's journey and challenges in the restaurant industry. Opus Training, a platform for hospitality businesses, offers micro-training seamlessly integrated into workflows. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it pivoted to provide free safety training, resulting in significant growth. With training available in 101 languages, the AI-driven platform prioritizes accessibility.

Rachael emphasizes clear language in materials and the platform's focus on addressing the scalability challenge in training. Opus Training aims to save costs and boost revenue for restaurant businesses, catering to both emerging and established brands. The customer journey involves content education, a swift onboarding process, and a free trial. The company plans to further enhance its platform with AI technology. Rachael encourages businesses to be intentional about training, viewing platforms like Opus as enhancements rather than replacements for existing systems.

Episode Transcript