S2E17 - From Kitchen Management to Delivery with Empower Delivery's Full-Scale Solution

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Show notes

Meredith Sandland, CEO of Empowered Delivery, delves into the advantages of their comprehensive order fulfillment system, illustrating how it empowers restaurants to establish their own 1099 gig worker fleets. Drawing from her background in the restaurant industry, Meredith sheds light on the journey that led her to initiate Empowered Delivery. She delves into her authored works, 'Delivering the Digital Restaurant' and 'The Path to Digital Maturity,' offering valuable insights and strategies for restaurants navigating the digital landscape. A focal point is optimizing presence on third-party platforms and crafting a seamless first-party ordering experience. Meredith also outlines the onboarding process at Empowered Delivery and shares early customer experiences.

Throughout the discussion, Meredith and Angelo explore the covert expenses associated with third-party delivery apps, the transformative role of technology in the restaurant sector, the prospects of automation shaping the future of dining establishments, hurdles in the adoption of technology within the industry, entrepreneurial advice specific to the restaurant space, and the gratification derived from establishing thriving restaurants.

Episode Transcript