S2E7 - How Tiny Mile's Robots Are Changing Local Delivery

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Show notes

In this thrilling episode, we're embarking on a journey through the cutting-edge realm of last-mile delivery innovation. Our guide for this adventure? The remarkable Ignacio Tartavull, CEO of TinyMile. Join us as we unlock the secrets to TinyMile's mission: reimagining the delivery experience, making it faster, greener, and more wallet-friendly.

TinyMile's army of futuristic robots is purpose-built for conquering city sidewalks, and their mission is nothing short of reshaping the future of local deliveries. These robots, remotely steered with finesse, bring you contactless deliveries, ensuring that safety and convenience are never compromised.

Buckle up for a conversation that dives deep into the future of last-mile delivery. Discover how TinyMile is leading the charge towards a world of smarter, eco-conscious, and hyper-efficient deliveries. If you're curious about the fusion of technology, sustainability, and sheer convenience, this episode is a treasure trove of insights. Tune in and prepare to witness how TinyMile is revolutionizing deliveries, one robot at a time.

Episode Transcript