The Restaurant Cost Control Guide™

In this guide, we’ll show you how to control the cost of your menu so that it can be tailored more specifically and efficiently.

What's inside?

Download the Complete Cost Control Guide For Restaurants & Bars to learn how to:

  • Recognize the differences in different restaurant expenses.
  • Automate invoice processing to consistently capture and calculate costs.
  • Stack in recipe and inventory tools for additional clarity.
  • Turn all of this information into insights to help you make more informed judgments.

Why are restaurant expenses so hard to control?

Right now, controlling costs and protecting your restaurant's margins is particularly difficult. It's never been an easy task. Nowadays, there are a slew of external factors that influence restaurant expenses, including:

  • Labor shortages
  • Supply chain struggles
  • Rising costs and general inflation

The constant problems make cost control more important than ever, and it's getting increasingly difficult to maintain grip on costs without the appropriate tools.

What can restaurants do to keep expenses in control?

It's critical that restaurants keep track of ingredient costs on a regular basis. Many businesses skip straight to their POS or excel as a quick fix for cost control.

These products are vital, but they're only as powerful as the data that makes them work. In particular, invoice line item specifics are crucial for costing data.

Why is restaurant cost control so critical?

Controlling your restaurant expenses - food, dry goods, labor, and more - is critical for monitoring and improving profit across your company. Cost control allows you to predict future earnings, set objectives, and plan for expansion by allowing you to keep track of precisely what you're spending.

This Complete Cost Control Guide For Restaurants & Bars combines all of these factors to show you how to manage the controllables in your company's entire operation. To learn how to take charge of restaurant expenses, download right now.

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