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February 27, 2024

Partender vs Bevspot vs WISK: Which app is best for bar inventory?

Streamline your bar inventory management with Partender, BevSpot, or WISK. Choose the best solution for your restaurant and increase efficiency today.
Partender vs Bevspot vs WISK: Which app is best for bar inventory?
Ciprian Rarau
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Table of Contents

Partender vs Bevspot vs WISK is the burning question that brought you here. It’s no secret that these are the three biggest beverage inventory apps out there right now. What’s still a mystery is which one is the best for managing your inventory? Thankfully, we’ve used them all and decided to break it down for you right here.

So, you’re in charge of taking inventory at your bar, restaurant, hotel, or other establishment. Maybe you’ve tried other apps and they haven’t met your standards. And now you’re looking for one that you can depend on permanently to help you manage your business.

At the moment, you may be wondering what’s the difference between our bar inventory software and Bevspot or Partender? Which one’s better for your needs? Which app’s features have what you’re looking for?

Perhaps, you’ve even tried one or more of the above apps. In this case, the comparison will be of interest to you because you already have first hand experience into what you like and dislike.

Okay, enough questions. Let’s get to the comparison.

Top Bar Inventory App Criteria

When deciding on the best beverage inventory software, you have to go with what’s most practical for you. The following are general points you should consider before subscribing to any app:

As former restaurant owners, we know what the most important features are when choosing between Partender vs Bevspot vs WISK. Here they are below, starting from what’s most beneficial.

1) Bar Inventory Scale (Bluetooth Integration)

Having an app that is able to integrate with other devices is the first step to an effectively organized and managed bar inventory system. However, having one that can connect to a digital scale is the ultimate goal. With a wine, beer, or liquor inventory scale, you can get accurate measurements fast and easy straight to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Unfortunately, not every software is also a liquor scale app. Out of the three, Partender vs Bevspot vs WISK, only WISK has this capability and can increase accuracy by 98% as a result.

Above all, exact measurements can’t be recorded with either Partender or Bevspot. With both applications, you’re expected to eyeball your bottles and use the slider on the app to guess the amount of liquor each contains. Also, you can only slide up to rounded weights. For instance, if your bottle has 0.435g of liquor in it, you must guess this amount and slide it to 0.5g on the interface. As a bar manager, you should know that even the smallest inaccuracy negatively impacts your bottom line.

It’s also important to note that if a liquor bottle is black or opaque, it makes it impossible to estimate how much alcohol it contains as you can’t see through the bottle. So, if your inventory consists of Baileys or Hendrick’s, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Overall, this leads to unnecessary inaccuracies that can be completely avoided with a digital scale.

2) POS Integration

Let’s start by mentioning that Partender has absolutely no POS integration feature. This means that there’s no way to connect the app with your POS system. This is a big downside and can slow down operations at your establishment.

Similarly, while Bevspot offers some sort of integration, it’s not entirely true POS integration. This means that while you can use the platform with your POS system, you still have to send them your sales and wait to see variance reports. This process is very time consuming and unproductive.

On the contrary, WISK can connect to any POS system of your choice and integrates properly to give you the sales and variance you require instantly. Our software also integrates with 50+ different POS systems so you don’t have to worry about switching to a new one.

3) Barcode Scanning

What’s an inventory software without a barcode scanner? It’s basically the same thing as manual inventory as you still have to input bottle information into spreadsheets. With a built-in barcode scanner on your app, you can pull any product information immediately and add it to your inventory.

On a whole, barcode scanners make the inventory process faster and simpler, leading to fewer mistakes. When comparing Partender vs Bevspot vs WISK, only WISK has a barcode scanner and can recognize bottles in your inventory. As a result, there’s no other work needed on your part.

4) Mobile Application

This seems strange to mention in a blog about inventory apps, however, not all three of them are mobile applications. It’s important to realize that Bevspot is not a mobile application. In fact, it’s just a website that is also mobile-responsive. Sadly, you can only access the interface using your smartphone’s browser.

Next, even though Partender has its own mobile application, it suffers from lack of mobile features. Particularly, the only thing you can do on the mobile app is count inventory. It won’t let you order, determine beverage costs, or do anything else you may need to do. Instead, you’ll have to switch to your laptop or desktop to use the rest of its features.

Equally important, Partender’s mobile design is difficult to use and can cause all sorts of frustration. To clarify, you can only move from bottle to bottle in your inventory using the arrows on the sides of the image. You can’t see every bottle you own at the same time and on the same screen. This makes it impossible to see the whole picture and rearrange the order of your bottles. If the order of the bottles on your shelf changes, it will not be reflected on the app.

On the other hand, WISK does not have any of the above issues. It’s a true and well-designed mobile app that includes every feature available. It was developed specifically for mobile-use to meet the needs of any bar manager. You can easily download it on the app store and use its interface on your mobile phone. Depending on your preferences, you’ll never have to use your desktop or laptop to complete the inventory process.

Secondary Features

On the topic of Partender vs Bevspot and WISK, here are some secondary features you should keep in mind when deciding between the three. Even though they are not as essential as the above points, they are still incredibly beneficial for any bar or restaurant manager.

5) Images for Every Bottle

Let’s get straight to the point. Bevspot doesn’t include images of bottles on their software. Instead, it shows you the same image of a bottle outline for every type of bottle, brand, or liquor. This could be problematic for a number of reasons. For instance, if you run a large bar, you could become easily confused, fast. Problems are most prevalent when you have to account for and keep track of 200+ different bottles.

Overall, having actual images to represent each product on your shelf, leads to more clarity and less room for mistakes. WISK and Partender are certainly better options for larger bars as they both include actual images.

6) Frequent App Updates

You may be surprised by how much we value this feature. However, including updates is incredibly important in our technologically-driven world. With every update, user experience, ease of use, speed, design and capabilities are all enhanced. The more updates an app offers, the better it is for improving beverage operations.

After all, you wouldn’t want to rely on an app that hasn’t been updated since 2015. This would be like depending on a house that hasn’t been renovated since 1915. Considering that technology is advancing so quickly, even just a few years with no changes can render an app useless. Among the companies in this comparison, only WISK and Bevspot provide frequent updates.

7) Short Term Contracts

Even after this in-depth comparison and tons of other research, it’s still possible that you might not have made the right decision. If you’ve already committed to a specific subscription for a year, you’re out of luck. That’s why it’s so crucial to find an app that offers flexible month to month plans. In other words, committing to a service for an entire year without giving it a test drive first is completely unnecessary. Luckily, all three applications in this comparison offer monthly contracts.

8) Fast Inventory Sessions

Inventory is time and time is money, especially in the hospitality industry. So, when investing in a bar inventory management software, you should pick one that is fast enough to save you as much time as possible. That being said, our clients have reported 80% faster sessions after using our app. If spending too much time on inventory has always been an issue for you, WISK may be right for you.

9) Automated Purchase Orders

With this feature, you can automatically send purchase orders to all of your distributors with the touch of a button. This leaves no room for error and makes the ordering process much quicker. Also, you can set pars to ensure that the right amount of inventory is always coming in. All in all, you can’t go wrong with either WISK, Bevspot, or Partender for ordering. Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that our app offers its own “WISK Par” which is recommended based on your consumption.

10) Offline Mode

It’s no shock that WiFi can be unreliable at times, even in 2019. Now, imagine taking inventory and having your device pause or lag. Nothing’s worse than losing all your work or having to start over because of connection issues. If you’ve ever been in this situation, you know what we mean!

In addition, if you do inventory in your back room or other areas far from your router, connection might be an issue. With offline mode, you can do everything you need to without worrying about the strength or availability of your WiFi. Fortunately, all three apps offer this feature.

The bottom line: What’s the best app for beverage inventory management?

Let’s remember the main reason you’re here. You want to know what’s the best option out of Partender vs Bevspot vs WISK. Also, you want to make the right decision so you can spend less time worrying about inventory and more time focusing on your establishment.

Our Answer: WISK

Even though each app offers a variety of features, WISK stands out for a few notable reasons. For example, you can’t ignore our barcode scanner. This alone substantially decreases time spent on inventory. Not only that, you don’t have to purchase any additional devices. All you have to do is use your smartphone’s camera to pick up information from any barcode and voila, the information is there for you.

Also, our software is the only one out of the three that integrates with a Bluetooth scale. Like barcode scanning, this feature is essential for receiving the most accurate measurements, directly to your device.

POS integration is another feature you should really prioritize as it increases the efficiency of all other operations, not just inventory. Right now, only WISK offers true POS integration with more than 50 systems including TouchBistro, Lightspeed, Square, and more.

Overall, these features make a huge difference when taking regular inventory for your bar, restaurant, hotel, or other establishment. That’s why we recommend trying our software before both Partender and Bevspot. With WISK, you’ll have every useful feature you could ever need, and see your ROI grow. Click below to sign up or visit https://www.wisk.ai/for/wisk-bar-management-software for more information.


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