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July 24, 2024

Top Selling Tequila of 2022 based on sales data

Explore top tequila brands & flavors - an exciting journey awaits!
Top Selling Tequila of 2022 based on sales data
Bogdan Patynski
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Popular tequila brands

Welcome to the world of tequila, where the most popular tequila brands reign supreme. From the finest premium tequila brands to the highest-selling tequilas, this is the realm where exceptional craftsmanship and distinct flavors converge.

Explore the rich tapestry of renowned names that dominate the tequila industry, each with its unique character and devoted following. Whether you're seeking the smooth elegance of premium tequila brands or the crowd-pleasing allure of the highest-selling tequila, this is your guide to the captivating realm of popular tequila brands.

Brace yourself for a journey that will redefine your perception of tequila and leave you craving for more.

Morales Blue Agave - 0.1186% of total on-premise consumption

The supreme brand champion, La Cava de Los Morales Blue Agave won the world's biggest-selling tequila against other brands of tequila. With 0.1186% of total on-premise consumption.

The Morales Blue Agave's flavor profile is enriched with earthy tones and subtle notes of oak and delicate traces of vanilla making tequila the smooth taste, which is derived from the blue Weber agave (also known as Agave tequilana Weber azul).

Established by the Maestri family back in 2008, this renowned factory stands as a testament to their expertise and dedication, which makes them one of the best-selling tequila.

1800 Silver - 0.0627% of total on-premise consumption

1800 Silver Tequila, founded in Jalisco, Mexico in 1975, is a notable tequila brand known for its quality and craftsmanship reason for its highest-selling tequila. One of the largest tequila brand, they become one of the best-selling tequila brands in the market, with 0.0627% of total on-premise consumption.

This success is due to its smooth yet bold taste and unique aging process. Best for celebrations such as Mexican independence day.

Cazadores Blanco - 0.0618% of total on-premise consumption

Cazadores Blanco also tops the tequila market for its affordability and budget-friendly cocktails and mixed drinks in the spirits business. 0.0618% of total on-premise consumption, this proves that this may not be a quality brand but it sure has gained popularity for its own reasons, still one of the best-selling tequilas out there.

Produced in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico by Tequila Cazadores, this tequila is a blend of carefully-selected el jimador or in other words legendary blue agaves which are aged to perfection and left un-aged in stainless steel tanks.

Fun fact: Cazadores Reposado tequila undergoes a 12-month aging process in American oak barrels which results in the production of Cazadores Blanco.

Don Julio Blanco - 0.0607% of total on-premise consumption

Don Julio Blanco, a beloved brand hailing from Latin America, has made a significant impact in the world of tequila products. With its impeccable craftsmanship and unmistakable flavor profile of Don Julio, it has solidified its position among well-known tequila brands.

As a best-selling brand in the tequila category, Don Julio has garnered acclaim both domestically and internationally. Notably, Don Julio Blanco holds a remarkable market share, accounting for 0.0607% of total on-premise consumption. Handcrafted bottles, Don Julio has earned its place among the world’s most popular tequilas.

Casamigos Blanco - 0.0593% of total on-premise consumption

The brand Casamigos Blanco is made with blue weber agave, also a budget-friendly blanco tequila that has a 0.0593% of total on-premise consumption.

It offers a vibrant medley of flavors including hints of herbaceous and grassy undertones, zesty citrus notes, a touch of black pepper or other aromatic spices, and a pleasant sweetness derived from the agave.

Casamigos is under the Diageo parent company, which also manufactures Don Julio that sold a million cases over the years.

Don Julio Blanco 80 - 0.0436% of total on-premise consumption

Don Julio brand has been a staple for decades, and it is no surprise that it is still the top-selling tequila of 2022. With its smooth taste and exceptional quality, The reputation of Don Julio speaks for itself.

Don Julio Blanco 80 is a popular tequila and one of the highest-selling tequila that has made its mark on the industry. It has 80 proof and is very versatile, making it a great choice for any occasion. Don Julio's Blanco 80 garnered 0.0436% of total on-premise consumption making this brand one of the most popular brands.

Crafted with care, it provides an authentic and pure tequila produced by the "el jimador" blue agave taste that is smooth and crisp. With Don Julio, you can enjoy a well-balanced and delicious tequila experience.

Tromba Blanco - 0.0318% of total on-premise consumption

Tromba Blanco stands as a prominent player in the tequila industry, recognized among the most authentic tequila brands available today.

With its dedication to quality and a commitment to traditional production methods, Tromba Blanco has garnered a loyal following. Its popularity has soared, with notable tequila sales over the past year and 0.0318% of total on-premise consumption, making it a beloved choice among enthusiasts.

Patron Silver Tequila - 0.0252% of total on-premise consumption

Patron Silver Tequila owned by Bacardi (previously owned by The Patron Spirits Company) has become a fan favorite among connoisseurs.

Perfectly aged tequila in oak barrels, this luxurious blanco is smooth and silky with a lasting finish that makes every sip enjoyable. With 0.0252% of total on-premise consumption, the Patron Silver Tequila brand is undeniably one of the best-selling tequilas that sold a million cases across the globe.

El Jimador Reposado - 0.0222% of total on-premise consumption

Extra añejo tequila, the Jimador Reposado is a brand that originates from the well-known Casa Herradura distillery in Amatitan, Jalisco.

The El Jimador Reposado is aged for a minimum of two months in white oak barrels that give it an intense flavor and smooth finish, a Herradura tequila that accounts for 0.0222% of total on-premise consumption for their tequila production.

Enjoy El Jimador Reposado at its best neat or, if you prefer, mix it with juices or sodas to add a unique flavor.

Well Tequila - 0.0184% of total on-premise consumption

The Well Tequila is a product of the brand Well Liquor of Temperance Distilling Co., bottled in Temperance, MI USA.

This brand made traction in the tequila market with 0.0184% of total on-premise consumption. From the agave hearts that are slow-cooked and milled to the barrel-aging process, this tequila brand is designed for a smooth drinking experience.

The brand Well Tequila is characterized by its sweet agave aroma and subtle hints of oak wood which make it perfect for sipping straight or as part of your favorite margarita recipe.

Lunazul Blanco - 0.0170% of total on-premise consumption

Lunazul is a well-known tequila brand that offers a range of high-quality tequila products. Lunazul Blanco, specifically, is their unaged or "blanco" expression. This blanco tequila has a 0.0170% of total on-premise consumption, making it one of the most popular blanco tequilas available on the market.

Lunazul Blanco is smooth and clean with agave notes that make for an enjoyable drinking experience.

Casamigos Reposado - 0.0170% of total on-premise consumption

Casamigos Reposado, is the more premium product of the Casamigos Tequila brand. Casamigos is the younger tequilas in the industry, with celebrity endorsements and having been founded by George Clooney, Mike Meldman, and Rande Gerber (now owned by Diageo made significant steps in the spirits business.

This reposado tequila garnered 0.0166% of total on-premise consumption, thus making Casamigo Reposado move a notch higher in popularity hike than the past year.

Casamigos Reposado is characterized by a smooth, caramel coloring, and sweet taste that you can enjoy neat or with mixers. The average price of Casamigos Reposado is just over $50 a bottle.

Espolon Blanco - 0.0154% of total on-premise consumption

Espolon Blanco is one of the finest tequilas located in a Mexican state that offers excellent value for its price, positioning it as one of the top choices in the affordable tequila market.

It presents a harmonious blend of vanilla, agave, and a subtle hint of sweetness, complemented by a refreshing touch of citrus in the finish, especially their extra añejo tequilas which are made from the blue agave, distilled, and aged for the best possible taste. Espolon Tequila has 0.0154% of total on-premise consumption, making it a favorite among tequila lovers for both its taste and its average price.

Olmeca Altos Plata - 0.0153% of total on-premise consumption

The brand Olmeca Altos Plata, is a Mexican tequila brand from the Los Altos highlands of Mexico.

This tequila reach one of the most popular and best-selling tequila, in Mexico City. Olmeca Altos has a 0.0153% of total on-premise consumption for their Plata tequila and its average price.

This brand is made with the finest blue agave plants and aged in stainless steel tanks for around 2 weeks which gives it a smooth flavor and aroma that can be enjoyed neat or mixed.

Jose Cuervo Silver - 0.0147% of total on-premise consumption

Last but definitely not the worst tequilas out there, Jose Cuervo Silver. Though the brand Jose Cuervo suffered a 10% net decrease in profit in its first quarter this year according to the Drinks Business: Asia Edition.

Jose Cuervo Silver still manages to make the list with its 0.0147% of total on-premise consumption, a clear sign that this brand is still one of the favorite tequila products for many people out there, especially for its average price.

Because of its mild sweetness and fruity notes with a hint of pepper, Jose Cuervo Silver can be enjoyed straight up or blended in any cocktail. If you enjoy Jose Cuervo Silver you must also try Jose Cuervo Gold.

Verdict: Best Tequila Brand

The supreme brand champion of 2022 for the tequila category is the La Cava de Los Morales Blue Agave Tequila. With its exceptional quality, smooth taste, and meticulous craftsmanship, it has emerged as the top choice for enthusiasts.

However, it is important to acknowledge other notable tequila brands that have made their mark in the industry.

Brands such as 1800 Silver, Cazadores Blanco, Don Julio Blanco, Casamigos Blanco, Don Julio Blanco 80, Tromba Blanco, Patron Silver Tequila, El Jimador Reposado, and Well Tequila have all contributed to the vibrant tequila landscape with their unique offerings.

Additionally, Lunazul Blanco, Casamigos Reposado, Espolon Blanco, Olmeca Altos Plata, and Jose Cuervo Silver have garnered recognition and appreciation from tequila aficionados. Each brand brings its own distinct characteristics, flavor profiles, and loyal fan bases.

While Tequila Herradura (Grupo Industrial Herradura) which Felix Lopez founded, with its rich heritage and legacy in tequila production, showcases remarkable craftsmanship and commitment to quality, didn't make the top spot this year, unfortunately.

The brand Sauza tequila founded by the late Don Francisco†, and Patron brand, all well-known names in the industry, also didn't secure the top position but continued to offer tequila products of notable distinction.

It's important to recognize that the tequila landscape is highly competitive and subjective, with each brand offering its unique appeal and flavor profiles.

The ultimate choice of the best brand ultimately lies in the preferences and tastes of the individual consumer.

See your ROI prosper as you introduce our top-selling tequilas to your patrons. Every pour of these exceptional spirits is an investment in your bar's profitability and a recipe for a thriving business.

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