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November 15, 2023

10 top selling Vodka of 2019 so far (Based on sales data)

Discover the top-selling vodka brands of 2019 with our sales data analysis. Use this information to stock your bar with the most popular options.
10 top selling Vodka of 2019 so far (Based on sales data)
Bogdan Patynski
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As part of our regular data analysis, we crunched the numbers to find our clients’ top selling vodka brands. From simple vodka sodas to sophisticated vodka martinis, there are dozens of ways to use this versatile alcohol, and just as many brands to choose from. If you’re a bar manager and struggling to decide which brand to order for your establishment, look no further!

As part of our regular data analysis, we crunched the numbers to find our clients’ top selling vodka brands. From simple vodka sodas to sophisticated vodka martinis, there are dozens of ways to use this versatile alcohol, and just as many brands to choose from. If you’re a bar manager and struggling to decide which brand to order for your establishment, look no further!

While we always recommend looking at the customer and sales data for your specific location and customer tastes, this list can help you narrow down your options. Alternatively, you can obtain more specific data using our app.

First, let’s review the details of where these insights came from. We compiled data from approximately 100 of our clients from around the world during the period of January 1st through September 30th, 2019.

Next, let’s go over a few reasons why this data is helpful before moving into the list.

How can beverage sales data make your bar more profitable?

If you Google just about any topic in existence, you know the internet loves trends. A cynic might say it’s because they generate a lot of clicks but it’s also because knowing the trends in your industry is genuinely helpful. Bar and restaurant trends, such as the most sold vodka brands, highlight changing consumer tastes and can help you make proactive decisions. But trends are broad, and not always applicable to your specific customers.

That’s where beverage analytics comes in. Regularly analyzing sales data gives you trend information that’s tailor-made for your bar or restaurant. That information, in turn, increases your bottom line. How?

It helps you place smarter purchase orders

No bar manager wants to hear their staff say, “we’re out” when a customer asks for their favorite drink. Stocking the top selling vodka might score points with some customers, but sales data can help you please them all. Using the data at your fingertips ensures you always have enough product to make all of the items on your menu.

Taking risks gets less risky

If a new brand of vodka hits the market and you’re considering making an order, it’s a risky move. What if you invest and it doesn’t pay off? Well, sales data can help make your decision easier. You can even use it to look at similar brands and see how they perform among your customers. You can also determine if this new brand can replace any existing brands you order but don’t sell well. With this information, making bold choices is more likely to pay off.

Your bar becomes more efficient

With accurate analytics, you can keep what you need, cut out what you don’t, and optimize everything. In other words, if customers consistently request Tito’s in their vodka cocktails, you can change your menu to make Tito’s the default option. Or, if you typically have slow foot traffic on Saturday afternoons, you can use that knowledge to offer a deal on all Tito’s cocktails since you know your customers love them. While you’re at it, you can cut out the other vodka brands you have in stock that don’t fly off the shelves like Tito’s does.

Speaking of Tito’s, let’s move now into the real reason we’re here: the most popular vodka brands, according to our clients’ sales data.

Best Selling Vodka of 2019

1. Grey Goose

Even if you’re not a vodka drinker, you’ve likely heard of this number one selling vodka brand. Grey Goose is the original “premium” vodka. Still to this day, it is the name most-associated with high-end brands. Despite, or maybe because of, its pricey reputation, Grey Goose is a very popular top-shelf brand with customers.

Adding Grey Goose to your regular stock of vodka is a no-brainer. Above all, it can be substituted for cheaper brands to elevate a basic cocktail or sold as a bottle to celebrate special occasions.

2. Belvedere

Taking the second spot in our list of top selling vodka brands is another bottle that qualifies as “high-end”, is widely available, and almost universally liked. Belvedere is straightforward and enjoyable. From 5-star cocktail lounges to the corner sports bar, it’s present in all kinds of establishments. Its diversity is exactly why it has a place zin your bar, too. It’s recognizable, blends well in any type of cocktail, and is the opposite of polarizing. Need a solid vodka in your rotation? You can’t go wrong with Belvedere.

3. Ciroc

Ciroc is a unique brand in that it is made from grapes instead of potatoes or wheat like most vodkas. Famous for its wildly-successful marketing partnership with Sean “Diddy” Combs, Ciroc has risen to become a top selling vodka. Ciroc could be a good choice for your bar to mix in some of their flavored vodka options, or to provide a gluten-free option. While not all Ciroc products are gluten-free, the fact that it has options can be a huge win for customers with that dietary restraint.

4. Tito’s

Tito’s started as a small-batch vodka brand distilled in Texas. Today, it is still distilled in Texas but has grown to become the most sold vodka in the US. It’s made from corn to retain its smoothness, and can be part of a list of gluten-free vodkas. Tito’s also stands out for its branding, which is distinctively more down-to-earth than most vodka brands on the market.

Don’t already stock Tito’s in your bar? It’s a great general addition and a frequent choice as an upgrade from standard well vodka. It also fits the bill for any craft cocktails on your menu, especially when paired with a farm-to-table meal.

5. Effen

Effen, which means “smooth” in Dutch, is partially owned by rapper, 50 Cent. If you assumed the man who brought us the hit song “In Da Club” knows good vodka when he sees it, you would be right. Effen Vodka is made of premium wheat and distilled at very low temperatures to prevent a bitter, rough alcohol burn. The process makes it easy and pleasant to drink. Effen is a good brand to stock whether your patrons prefer to drink their vodka straight or in a sugary cocktail.

6. Absolut

This iconic Swedish brand has been a top selling vodka for decades. It’s got something for everyone, including flavored options, a neutral taste, and even a carbon neutral distillation process. Its versatility makes Absolut bottles look at home everywhere from dive bars to the VIP section at major nightclubs.

7. Ketel One

Billed by some outlets as the most sold premium vodka in the world, Ketel One is a great choice for any bar to stock. The Dutch brand is smooth with hints of honey and citrus. It can be enjoyed neat or used to make Moscow Mules. If you’re considering stocking Ketel One, it will fit well in just about any cocktail combination. However, you should stock up on some extra copper mugs and ginger beer, just in case.

8. Stolichnaya

Stolichnaya, or Stoli as it is often referred to, is consistently a best-selling vodka brand. It’s a classic Russian vodka with a classic Russian name. It has a clean finish, with flavors including butter, white pepper and sweet cream. Stoli also offers a wide variety of flavored vodkas, making it a great choice for specialty or holiday-themed cocktail specials.

9. Smirnoff

Smirnoff is the vodka you see everywhere. If you don’t already stock this brand we’d be surprised, and there are more than a few reasons why you should consider it. The brand sells 39 different flavors, plus its malt liquor soda Smirnoff Ice. It was also once a vodka brand consumed by the Russian tsar. If that’s not enough for you, it’s a great middle-of-the-road vodka for everyday cocktails and making shots for the big bachelorette party that just walked through the door.

10. Iceberg

A Canadian brand, Iceberg vodka is actually made from water harvested straight from icebergs in Greenland. So, one thing is for sure. This vodka is pure. While not as well-known as some of the big-name brands in this list, Iceberg is a great addition to any bar. This staple vodka is easy to drink as well as certified Kosher and gluten-free.

Overall, this completes our round-up of the top selling vodka brands among our clients. We hope this list comes in handy as you make decisions for your own inventory.

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