S2E19 - Leveraging Social Media & Tech for Restaurant Success with David Ciancio

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Show notes

As the co-founder of Handcraft Burgers and Brew and the head of revenue marketing for Branded Hospitality Ventures, Rev Ciancio shares a treasure trove of marketing wisdom tailored for restaurateurs. Delve into the strategic importance of content creation and the art of harnessing social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok, to elevate your restaurant's presence. Rev accentuates the pivotal role of email collection and the effectiveness of SMS marketing in fostering lasting customer engagement. Beyond marketing, he provides a glimpse into exciting upcoming ventures, including the anticipated Restaurant Growth Summit and his foray into children's literature. Rev's insights, sprinkled with engaging anecdotes, unfold as a valuable narrative, offering profound lessons and inspiration for navigating the dynamic landscape of the restaurant industry.

Episode Transcript