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WISK and

Restaurant Manager


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WISK's integration with
Restaurant Manager
automatically captures stock counts, purchase data from invoices and compare it directly to sales and revenue data from
Restaurant Manager

WISK's reports are powered by real-time stock counts and sales from your POS making it easy for managers to measure revenue, menu performance and predict future purchase orders across accounting periods.
Image of a restaurant owner with a pos system that integrates with WISK

How WISK integrates with

Restaurant Manager

5x more Efficient Workflow
beverage costing, variance, and daily stock count

Since 1987, Restaurant Manager POS has been developing point-of-sale solutions for the foodservice industry, and their current product line now includes solutions for all areas of the foodservice business, including table service, nightclubs & bars, pizza delivery, fast preparation and chain operations.

Restaurant Manager began offering a mobile POS with the 2002 launch of RM Handheld, which featured a native app for table order-taking and payment processing. They also introduced their cloud-based DuetPOS system and services for online ordering and customer loyalty at the same time.

This POS integrates through Omnivore

Here's how we make the magic happen:

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WISK uses Omnivore’s Universal API to integrate your sales data to integrate with WISK.

This provides a direct integration, where you’ll be able to see your sales data in real-time or near real-time (depending on the POS system). You won’t have to worry about uploading sales manually, or sending a daily sales report email.

Note: Omnivore charges a small fee of $30 USD / month per venue, which is added to your subscription once the integration is completed.

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