Basic Cocktail Recipes Every Bartender Should Know

Part of the fun of being a bartender is coming up with custom cocktails to wow your customers. But before you experiment, you have to know the basics.

We rounded up the 10 basic cocktails every bartender should know. With these recipes under your belt, you’ll make any bar proud.

1. Margarita

One oz Cointreau

Two oz Tequila

One oz Lime juice

2. Old-Fashioned

One and a half oz Bourbon or Rye whiskey

One Sugar cube

Two dashes Angostura bitters

Some dashes plain water

3. Negroni

One oz Gin

One oz Sweet red Vermouth

One oz Campari

4. Mojito

One and a Half oz White rum

Soda Water

Six leaves of Mint

One oz Fresh lime juice

Two teaspoons Sugar

5. Aperol Spritz

Two oz Prosecco

Splash of Soda water

One and a Quarter oz Aperol

6. Moscow Mule

Four oz Ginger beer

One and a Half oz Vodka

One Sixth oz Lime juice

7. Pina Colada

Three oz Pineapple juice

One oz Coconut cream

One oz White rum

8. Whiskey Sour

One and a Half oz Bourbon whiskey

One oz Fresh lemon juice

Half oz Gomme syrup

One dash egg white

9. Long Island Iced Tea

Half oz Tequila

Half oz Triple Sec

Half Vodka

Half oz Gin

Half oz White rum

Half oz Gomme syrup

One oz Lemon juice

Splash of Cola

10. Martini

Half oz Dry Vermouth

Three oz Gin

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