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September 5, 2023

Improve your ordering process with WISK's free liquor ordering spreadsheet

Streamline your liquor ordering process with our free purchase order template. Easily track inventory and stay organized for your restaurant's success.
Improve your ordering process with WISK's free liquor ordering spreadsheet
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Bar Ordering Template

For bar and restaurant owners that want to want to reduce over-ordering and control their costs better.

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Have you ever found that one or more spirits are running low in your bar? Keeping track of what you have and what you should order is difficult. As a result, we created our free liquor order form template!

Liquor order forms are useful mainly because they help the bartender know what they need to stock up on next time they order liquor/beer/wine.

Liquor inventory is important for several reasons. Bar owners want to make sure that the bartender has everything on hand to make drinks, while customers want to be able to get their favorite drink at all times.

Your bar inventory manager also want to maintain a good relationship with their distributors by having an even amount of stock on hand. If too much liquor is bought at one time, some of it might go bad before it's had a chance to be used. A liquor order form allow bar owners and bartenders to be aware of what they need and when to reorder supplies.

Benefits of Using our free liquor order form template

The control of your liquor inventory is beneficial since it will show you how much booze you have remaining. Liquor order forms are also useful for your inventory manager, as they'll know what bottles are missing from your inventory.

Your inventory manager won't have to search to place purchases and they will know how much each bottle costs which helps with every aspect of pricing.

What can you record with our free liquor order form template?

Our liquor order form includes everything from bottle sizes and costs per bottle up to the total value of your order.

A liquor inventory template is also useful to share with your inventory manager since they will know exactly how much stock is left.

You'll be able to keep track of your costs accurately with this liquor order form–which will help you minimize deadstock and at the very least figure out what to buy at the local liquor store or when you place an order with your preferred liquor supplier company.

How to use WISK's liquor order form template

First things first, we do recommend you taking inventory to at least know what you have in stock so you don't order too much. If you're not using WISK to take inventory 5x quicker, here's a link to our inventory template so you can at least start your inventory management process.

It's simple to place your own purchase order. Simply search and fill out the following information:

  • The bottle name and size
  • The liquor category (beer, gin, vodka..)
  • The suppliers company name
  • The supplier code/SKU
  • The quantity you currently have in your liquor inventory
  • Your pars
  • And the latest costs (unit price) that you got from your invoices.

And our template will pre-fill your order form automatically for you, calculate your costs (without the taxes) so you have an idea of what to order for your liquor business.

Why did we create this liquor ordering form template?

We developed this free form template to make your liquor inventory and ordering process more straightforward.

If you want to make your liquor inventory and ordering procedure even quicker, I'll add a link to our bar management system for good measure, and we provide a 7-day free trial. It's as simple as scanning your invoices and bottles, and WISK takes care of the rest. No need to search for your bottles since we have a database of 170K bottles.

If not, you can always use our free liquor inventory and our purchase order form template for bars by using your favourite spreadsheet software like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

Download our liquor order form template:  and also save time with our liquor inventory templates

We will help your business know instantly what to order to your supplier (or at the liquor store) with our liquor inventory form template.

Templates like this order form might not be the cure-all solution.

The data in a spreadsheet lives in a silo. So what you order now, will not affect your next copy of this template.

It's hard to keep track of your liquor inventory across seasons–and to keep track of what you ordered a few weeks ago unless you have incredible organizational skills with your ordering form templates.

Liquor inventory form templates are also created for one bar at a time.

So if you want to know the total order value or cost across multiple locations, it can be hard to get this data without some workarounds.

Since it's a order form template, it will also be hard for your business to manage the receiving part and to track what the supplier actually sent you, and if the costs are the same across the span of multiple weeks.

Tracking your data is also hard with form templates.

Tracking the record of the counts and orders in your inventory spreadsheet to your company P&L report will require a significant amount of time. It gets even more complicated if food is involved in your bar.

Even with the finest form template your business may have, unless it's accessible online, not all of your members will have access to it and may need to download the form template each time.

Can I use this form template to record and place my wine orders?

Yes. If you did count your wine inventory before hand and you know your pars, we do recommend using WISK's free purchase order form template to place your wine orders.

How do I increase my bar profits?

It's pretty easy.

Start by taking inventory if you don't already do so.

If you don't know where to start, you can read our inventory guides.

Increasing your business profits starts with proper inventory control.

Even with the best template, you're just skimming the surface. Bar inventory tracking is a time-consuming task that spreadsheets & templates can't handle alone.

You can read our bar inventory guide with a template here. (And you can also download a copy)

More form templates & free spreadsheets!

We also create different types of templates to download like a liquor inventory template.

So what comes next?

If you fill out our inventory template a few times, you can create your variance reports for your business. You can also start calculating your beverage costs with our cost form template that will be out shortly.

Inventory and ordering templates are great. But you can do better.

A bar inventory and ordering template can't take into account all of the nuances in calculating a bar's profit, nor can it give precise information on non-full draft beer or wine bottles..

For these reasons, it is critical to think about different software solutions for tracking and managing your liquor inventory data - especially if you want to expand your business!

See your ROI soar with the aid of our free liquor purchase order template. With this tool in hand, you're on your way to a more cost-effective and profitable bar management experience.

If this blog post has given you some food for thought, you can book a free call to discuss how WISK will boost your profit! We hope this article was helpful in guiding you towards better understanding how to manage your ordering and inventory process.


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