Do NOT invest in a restaurant inventory system until you watch this!

Angelo Esposito
Content Creator

▸▸ Everything you need to choose the right restaurant management system for your venue in the MISS Framework™ training… grab it here! 100% free of course: you own a restaurant or bar, and are struggling to figure out what inventory management system to choose then look no further.I will walk you through the framework I teach my clients to look at when choosing the right software for their restaurant or bar. Whether you choose WISK or not, doesn't bother me - I just don't want you to choose a system that steals your time, your money, and your confidence in other restaurant management systems that actually work.+ Why I started WISK// CommentGot any questions? Something to add?Write a comment below to chat.// Let's connect on...+ Instagram: Facebook: Contents of this video: ====================00:00 Intro00:31 Top 5 reasons restaurant owners/operators do not use a restaurant inventory software02:49 The 3 wishes restaurateurs have when it comes to an inventory software03:39 The MISS Framework07:53 The myth I hear all the time08:40 The Restaurant Inventory Software Checklist

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