How To Calculate Your Food Cost Percentage

Angelo Esposito
Content Creator

▸▸ What is the food cost formula and how can you use it to calculate your restaurants food cost percentage?  I will explain everything you need to know about food costing in this video. As a restaurateur, you have to know how to calculate your food cost so you can lower expenses and increase your profits.If you own a restaurant or bar, and are struggling to figure out how to understand food and beverage costs, check out this video.+ Why I started WISK + How to choose the right inventory management softwareYou can download the complete cost control guide here: CommentGot any questions? Something to add?Write a comment below to chat.// Let's connect on...+ Instagram: Facebook: Contents of this video: ====================00:00 Intro00:13 Three Most Common Mistakes01:16 Why should you calculate your food costs?03:37 How do you calculate your food costs?06:31 Calculating food cost percentage08:31 Food cost benchmarks

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