Creating Recipes and Costing Them Out

Angelo Esposito
Content Creator

Angelo Esposito, CEO of Creating Recipes and Costing Them OutIn this video, Angelo Esposito demonstrates how to create recipes easily using, a food and beverage intelligence platform. By syncing with invoices and allowing users to snap pictures of them, ensures up-to-date ingredient prices for real-time cost calculations. Angelo creates a BLT sandwich recipe, manually entering the dish's name and price for demonstration purposes. integrates with point-of-sale systems to import menu items and their selling prices automatically. He proceeds to search for ingredients, starting with bacon. By estimating the required amount and using weight measurements, calculates the cost based on the price of a full package of bacon. This process is repeated for other ingredients, such as lettuce and tomatoes, using different measurement types and percentages. provides a breakdown of costs and their respective percentages, allowing users to track expenses and profit margins accurately.Once the recipe is created, Angelo exports it as a recipe book that includes images, cooking instructions, and other details. This recipe book can be shared with staff for consistent preparation and cost awareness. also integrates with inventory management, deducting ingredients based on sales data, and providing real-time information for efficient ordering. The platform's flexibility allows for customization, handling various complexities such as yields and batching, making it a powerful tool for restaurant operations.To learn more about and schedule a demo, you can visit their website at #RecipeCreation #CostingRecipes #FoodIntelligence #FoodTech #RestaurantManagement #MenuCosting #RealTimeCosting #IngredientTracking #FoodInventory #RestaurantOperations #FoodCostManagement #MenuPlanning #FoodProfitability #KitchenManagement

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