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Browns Socialhouse was using sophisticated spreadsheets to track their inventory, but it required advanced Excel knowledge and skill to keep them updated properly and accurate. They consistently had issues with keeping the formulas correct and were spending a lot of time updating them to keep them functional. Updating Excel with new recipes and pricing was tedious, painful, and consumed a lot of time that could be spent working in other areas of the business.

Browns Socialhouse is a Vancouver-based franchise within the Browns Restaurant Group family, with over 80 locations across Canada. They serve flavourful food that’s always fresh and fun!

Their stylish yet relaxed environments are the perfect balance between “neighbourhood pub” and “upscale casual dining." Guests experience a premium casual environment that makes them feel at home.

Chris Lawrie
Chris Lawrie
Regional Operations Partner

"We had a really good Excel Spreadsheet, but it required you to be really proficient at Excel to use it to full potential. I found myself needing to fix our location's formulas constantly and updating with new recipes and pricing was difficult. Also, I felt like there must be a faster way to actually count using technology. WISK solved all of that. It also created an Enterprise level dashboard for me which is way easier than having Excel Spreadsheets flying around everywhere."

WISK being a more premium inventory solution, the price point was originally a barrier for Browns Socialhouse. As they also operate in a franchise, it wasn't conventional for one location to adopt a software that the other locations aren't using.

All the managers that have used WISK have felt that it is very intuitive to use, specifically the bluetooth scale for taking bar inventory. It has increased efficiency in their weekly inventory routine.

"It took about 6 weeks for our team to feel like they TRULY got the benefit and hang of it, but we piloted it at one location first and were prepared for that. Each bar manager has felt the product is intuitive, fast and super helpful for their weekly routine. Everyone that has used it has felt like the bluetooth scale integration is a great feature right away too."

Once implementing WISK, Browns Socialhouse was able to very easily take inventory in an automated way that allowed them to completely eliminate their spreadsheets. By doing this, they increased the accuracy of their inventory counts, allowing them to better manage their stock levels and access insights that would ultimately result in retaining more overall profits.

"We have a location that has saved about 2 hours of work every single week in inventory and vendor orders. When you multiply that through the year, you start to see the financial benefit of the product."


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